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HALLOWEEN: What's your favorite Disney movie?

If Halloween be a perfect day for trick or treat, will you be perfectly happy if the treacherous Freddie or ugly Frankenstein or the playful Chuckie tricks you if you can't give them the treats they want?

I think, Halloween doesn't always have to be about monsters and ghosts and  other scary stuffs.  At this time of digital age when everything's changin, might as well put a little twist to the traditional Halloween. From the customary black and orange colors to something more colorful, which most children would probably enjoy, unless you're much addicted to horror-ble movies at young a age.

So, for this season of saints and souls, lemme ask you, what's your favorite scary movie, what's your favorite Disney movie?

Rankings based on Top 100 Disney movies.

1. Lion King, 1994
One of the biggest-grossing animated films of all-time, The Lion King continues (and no doubt will do so eternally) to enchant and entertain audiences. - 100 Top Disney Movie.

hakuna matata..

3.  Aladdin, 1992.
Perhaps one of the Disney movies closest to the Filipino as its soundtrack was performed by a homegrown talent, Lea Salonga. A Whole New World won the Best Song at the 65th Academy Awards.

#4. Toy Story (Part 1, 1995),   #8. Toy Story (Part 3, 2010),   #47. Toy Story ( Part 2, 1999)
My father's personal favorite. A story of friendship and adventure of cowboy Woody and space ranger Buzz Lightyear.

5. Finding Nemo, 2003 
   Nemo and Dory's tandem, who can beat? I first saw him at the Manila Ocean park, but I never got so close to him until helmet diving in Boracay. Such a tiny wigly creature.

6. The Little Mermaid, 1989
   Under the sea.. under the sea..  

7. Tangled, 2010
Another 'once upon a time.. and they live happily ever after' movie. A rehashed story of Rapunzel, the old evil women who kept her in a tower and her supposed knight in shining armor which was played by the rascal and trickster hero. 

9. Up, 2009
A dream never gets old, it's you who does. So while you're young, start working on your dreams... (ouch!)

 11. Mulan, 1998
 Another pride for Filipino community as Lea Salonga again, provided the singing voice of the main character. Despite some unfavorable comments from feminist, Mulan managed to spread the word of love, acceptance, duty and honor.

..when will my reflection show..who am I inside..

 12. Monsters, Inc.,  2001
I haven't seen this movie yet, but what if monsters does really exist, like real real monsters? Haha

congrats, dadi Odi..

 13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The classic Disney movie of all time. The first Disney movie I saw.

19. Wall E, 2008
'Caution. Rogue robots. Caution...'

21. Peter Pan, 1953
The Boy Who Never Grew Up and his magnificent power of imagination.


 27. 101 Dalmatians (Animated version), 1961
 The movie version of 101 and 102 Dalmatians are my personal favorite. I love dogs. Period. Haha

 28. Ratatouille, 2007
Everyone can cook! (..and I'm working on it..haha)

30. Fanstasia, 1940
' experimental film integrating eight magnificent classical musical compositions with enchanting, exhilarating, and imaginative, artistically-choreographed animation.' - The Filmsite

53. Cars, 2006
Lightning McQueen: I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand.

59. Enchanted, 2007
 A Disney movie isn't complete without its fairytale love story every man and woman could ever dreamed of, most enchantingly when it happens in the city that never sleeps.

68. Lilo and Stitch, 2002
'Wise men say, only fools rush in.. but I can't help falling in love with you!'

You, what's your favorite Disney movie?  


Congratulations to the creative minds behind all the photos.

happy halloween everyone!

Happy birthday to my friends, Jackie and Jhen - Life is like another Disney movie, it may often starts with 'once upon a time', may not end with 'happily ever after'.. but sometimes, it has part 2's and part 3's for a new beginning.

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  1. Wow! Great job on the decors! I love Up, an awesome adventure movie for the young ones and young once.