Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pizza. Pasta. Buffalo wings.

How can you go wrong with menu for one important occasion. Much more if your paying it half its original price.

Last Saturday, we celebrated J's birthday with his most trusted friends at UNO Pizzeria. It's located near SM Mall of Asia. Just a stone away from the bayside where you can enjoy the full beauty of the  sun while it sets down.

I was able to secure two discount vouchers of Uno Pizzeria through Salamat.ph. But unlike other discount vouchers flocking online, you won't need a credit card when you buy through Salamat.ph. You  just need to secure the voucher and pay the merchant yourself once you decided to avail your purchase.

In our case, we availed the Triple Double Treat that includes two 16-inches Margarita Pizza, two Pasta Vola, two 8-piece Buffalo Wings for only 799 pesos. And I got two vouchers.

We arrived the empty restaurant five minutes before our reseravtion time, which is 5pm. According to a friend, they can be very strict with reservations. So we can't afford to be late.

Empty, as there were no other diners inside. Oh well, they have al fresco dining, you can choose the one facing MOA.. or the other side, facing the bay which can be very romantic once the sun sets. But the celebrant want it inside, so we took the table near the door to the bayside.

We  had the restaurant all by ourselves, for at least an hour. The place is actually for those who love the night life, as this can go wild on the wee hours. They charge 100 peso for entrance starting 8pm. So that means, we have until 8pm to consume our food, otherwise, we will be charged 100 peso-each.

So we presented the vouchers and waited for our food.

tower iced tea, 195 (we ordered two)
While waiting for his friends, we ordered the blue lemonade out of curiousity. It taste different. Can't even feel the lemonade in it, more like the cocktail drink we bought in Subic, for 2 USD, I think.

blue lemonade, 95/glass

Just before 6pm, his friends arrived, and so the battle begun.

There were actullay eight of us, two of which arrived a little  later. So we availed the other voucher for more food. But we decided not to eat the new ordered pizza, as we know we can't take it all.  We had it prepared for take out. (My Irish friends benefited from it. Haha.)

The taste: well, uhmm.. its delicious. Haha. If they will have another deal, I will surely buy one or two. I hope they'll include drinks in it. Because one pitcher of ice tea in UNO will cost you 150 pesos,  placed in a Nestea iced tea one-litre bottle. Sana nagdala na lang kami ng sachet na tig-sa-sampu at humingi ng tubig sa kanila at kami na nagtimpla. Haha

And to complete our evening celebration, my-specially-requested-fireworks display. Haha. Thanks MOA Management.

 We left UNO Pizzeria just before 8pm, and proceeded to Mall of Asia for some movietime, with Hugh Jackman. 

Happy Birthday!

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