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Gastronomy: Puerto Princesa

Disclaimer: Ain't gonna critic about food, I'll leave to the experts. I love to eat but I don't have that special skill how to distinguish a particular and specific taste. Whatever taste good to me is fine by me. Kung masarap, masarap. Kung maasim, maasim. Kung  matabang, matabang. Haha!


We're supposed to eat lunch in Bilao't Palayok. But after meeting Journeying James at the airport, we ended up eating in Balinsasayaw. He recommended it, so I  took heed to his word and went to Balinsasayaw.

We had kare-kare, shrimps and pansit buko for lunch. Got curious how pansit buko tastes like? It's simply a pansit with few buko strands in it. It tastes good, as you can really feel the buko flavor of the pansit. We weren't able to finish all, as the serving was huge, so we had some for take out and ate it the next day, during breakfast. (Thanks to Ysabelle Mansion kitchen department)

Bill: 600-700php


At first, I thought they just offer cakes and pastries good for snacks. But after knowing they also caters meals, we opted to have our first dinner in Heavenly Desserts.

I bought three discount vouchers from Groupon Beeconomic last April for 450pesos, and  it's good for 900 worth of food. Good catch yeh?

Ordered chicken cordon blue for me, J had pork back ribs and grilled tuna for mother dear. We also tried their cakes which find very sticky and super sweet.

Bill: 1125.00 (minus 900 c/o Beeconomic vouchers). We only paid 225 php.

BREAKFASTS @ Ysabelle Mansion

When travelling with my parents, I always see to it that breakfast is included in our accomodation. Why? Because it's their favorite part of the day. Haha.

YM offers Filipino and American breakfast of your choice. A night before, they'll give you the list of the meals being serve for breakfast. Complete with choices from coffee, milo or tea, sunnyside up, boiled or scrumbled egg, garlic or plain rice.

You can vary your meals everyday, so long as it's on the list. Tocilog, tapsilog, longsilog, cornsilog to name a few. Servings? Well, you get what you pay for. You can buy extra rice which costs 10pesos.

For our first breakfast, we had the pansit buko added to our meal, and the cakes we had in Heavenly Desserts. (thanks to the kitchen dept of YM)

Bill: here

BUFFET LUNCH @ Sabang Beach

I decided to avail a package tour for the Underground River. Thanks to Kuya Ryan of Palawan Ultimate Adventure for taking care of us. Special mention to Kuya Dudz - (0917-590-2001) and Ms. Tiara - (0917-809-4509).

Inclusive of the package is the buffet lunch, which you can have before or after the UR tour. We had ours after our impressive visit to the undergound.

Situated along the fine sand beach front of Sabang, we had our own cottage shared with seven other tourists. Food was fine. Typical beach side menu: Inihaw na liempo, adobong chicken, adobong kangkong, cucumber, soup, drinks and banana for dessert.

Bill: 1,200php (per person) Underground River package (inclusive of van and boat services, permits and entrance fees, buffet lunch with drinks, tour guide)


The night before, I requested the frontdesk of YM to call Ka Lui restaurant to reserve us for tonight's dinner. Yes, reservation is a must at Ka Lui's. They can be fully booked every night.

What made them special? They're barefootin'! Shoes, flips flops must be deposited at the entrance. Aside from the food, you have to pay credit for the great ambiance. Very cozy, very native, simply unique environment. Mama was totally impressed with the interiors. J got mesmerized with the barefootin' thing. I instantly fell in love with the candle-lit table for three. Very Filipino. Simply one of a kind. Simply beautiful.

So we had Ka Lui's Special of the Day menu, which includes tuna steak, prawns, veggies, squid (servings good for two to three persons). J ordered additional kilawin to complete our appetizing meal.

Oh, don't bother ordering desserts, they serve one, for free. Isn't that great?

Ka Lui claimed to be the famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa. In all fairness, they can  have the right to do so. Though I wasn't totally amazed with the food as there was nothing really very extraordinary about the taste, apart from the unusual way of serving it, but the whole experience, the feel-good-romantic-moment inside the restaurant with your family was totally priceless.

Bill: 800-900php


Again, I opted to avail the package for Honda Bay tour through Palawan Ultimate Adventure. But if you're a big group, you can do-it-yourself as it's much cheaper. But for a group of three or four, might as well settle for a package, as you will only save a hundred or two, minus the hassle and pressure preparing all things by yourself.

Buffet lunch is again inclusive of the package. You have nothing to worry about preparing it as your reliable guide and boatmen will do it for you while you are busy snorkeling, feeding and running after the colorful fishes in the fascinating coastline of Pandan Island.

Crabs and other seafoods are available in the island for extra charge, 250 per kilo. No one seemed to be interested about it. I myself isn't a fan of crabs as I find them difficult to eat.  If only they have shrimps, I won't think about it. I love shrimps. I can eat a kilo or two in one dining. Haha.

Bill: 1,100php (per person) Honda Bay package (inclusive of van and boat services, permits and entrance fees, buffet lunch with drinks, tour guide)


Shall I say, I'm saving the best for last?

Well, as others would say, a visit to Puerto Princesa won't be complete without dining at Kinabuch's bar and grill.

They're only open in the afternoon until the wee hours. We went there at around 545pm. Seats and tables were almost empty. Good. As they can get crowded around 7pm.

My original plan was to skip Kinabuch's and eat at Skylight Hotel dinner buffet, however J was half-crazy about eating crocodile meat, and no other place in town can satisfy his longing but Kinabuch's. And I think we made the right choice.

We can't help but wonder if it was a really a pure croc-meat. We asked the waiter, but of course, they'd say yes. Well, it tasted differently. Something distinct about the taste is noticeable compared to other pork or chicken sisig.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it earlier, but croc meats came from a three to five year old crocodile, while their skin are at its best to be made into bags, belts and the like.

Servings were huge at Kinabuchs. Espcially the sinigang sa ulo ng isda, na super asim, sabi ni mother dear. And the shrimps, they're all mine, well, almost.

We weren't able to finish the croc-sisig, so we took it home, and had it prepared for our late breakfast the next day (again, thanks to YM kitchen dept!)

We left Kinabuchs at around 7pm, when the place just started to be filled with guests.

Bill: 900-1000 php

If only we had more time, I'd like us to try:
Bilao't Palayok
Ka Inato

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