Thursday, October 20, 2011

Binaha kami sa Boracay

It is said that Boracay is the Mecca of beach lovers in the country. And beaches are best enjoyed during summer, when no one and nothing can forbid you in doin anything you want, unless you fear getting darker skins.

But what can you do in the beautiful Boracay when the heavens deprived you of a clear beach-bright sunny skies?

I purposely woke up as early as five in the morning to catch my first sunrise in the beach, but the sweet pouring rain greeted me.

We managed to squeeze ourselves under Donna's micro-umbrella and went to Tan's guesthouse main building for our breakfast.

Typhoon Ramon joined us for breakfast and his strength was unstoppable. We were advised that all water-related activities are cancelled as the weater was tremendously mad. We didn't want to do land tours either, as they were expensive, besides, it's raining hard, so we thought we won't enjoy it that much.

After breakfast, we went back to our room. This time the alleys to the annex building started to look like the roads in Espania when it's raining, so were the other areas, most especially D*Mall and D*Palengke. Binabaha din pala ang Boracay.

Amid the heavy rains, Boracay virgins we are - Donna and I decided to take our first dip to the wide white beach. We owned it for a while as we were the only ones who mindlessly braved the vastness of the ocean. We played against the gigantic, wild waves who unceasingly slapped our pretty faces like there's no tomorrow.

Donna and I grew up in a town sorrounded with sea waters (El Nido and Surigao). While having full pleasure in the beach, we were talking how different Boracay compared to other beaches we have in our respective hometowns. Indeed, Boracay has her very own distinct charm.

Tired of battling the enormous body of water, we decided buy some food and drinks in D*Mall, then head to our lunch. Gasthof restaurant is just few steps away from the white beach. 

They didn't mind if we're all wet and wild while dining. It has been raining all day, and we were the ones enjoying it, ikaw na ang lumusong galore sa baha, maligo ng bongga sa ulan.  While other tourists especially the Koreans were all geared up with their colorful raincoats and uniformed umbrellas.

After our late lunch, we spent the whole afternoon catching up in our room, as the weather got a little worse outside. 

bread: ensaymada, spanish bread, banana cake

I fell asleep until almost nine in the evening, and my good friends didn't bother to wake me up. We had our late dinner at La Carmela de Boracay. We wanted to try seafood buffet along the beach, but it's a little way our of our budgets.

The merciless rain stopped, so we were able to spend the whole night for some souvenir hopping because Donna needed to go back to Manila the next day.

650 each
Without the pasalubong, we shelled out around 600 pesos each  for our first day in Boracay, all of which were spent for food. Kami na matatakaw! Haha!


  1. grabe?! sobrang grabe.. haha.. thanks idol.. di ako makapaniwalang nagcomment ka dito..! whew!

  2. WHAAAAHHH!! idol ko din sya mam! :D

  3. ahaha.. grabe noh.. i think, she's one of the best and most influencial bloggers ever.. may hang over pa ako.. hahaha

  4. grabe! Nabasa tuloy kayo ng maligo kayo sa dagat kasi umuulan =)) joke!

    Lumulubog na talaga ang Boracay! Sana wag na maulit pagbaha sa Boracay! Super love ko ang Boracay I couldn't wait to visit Boracay next year!

    Please drop by my site too!

  5. Hi Cha, thanks. given a chance, i still wanna go back to boracay, but not too soon haha.