Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cruisin Honda Bay

Okay, allow me to correct myself for having no passion about 'beaches'. I don't actually hate them, I just don't like any swimming activities as I never learn how to swim.

But it was until my recent visit to Puerto Princesa when I finally realized what I missed all this time - the interesting and mesmerizing creatures below sea level.

Our last day in Palawan was spent in the beach. Three islands in a day in Honda Bay was a total blast. Thanks to our very effecient guide, Kuya Ryan.

Tour costs 1,100 per person, it includes van and boat rentals, permits and entrance fees, lifevests, and buffet lunch. Snorkeling gears and underwater camera protection is exluded in the package.

I was planning to buy a cheap underwater camera for our Palawan trip. But friends and other travel forums advised me not to, as there were a lot of underwater camera case for rent in the port. So much to my disappoint when they only  have camera case for compact point and shoot digital cameras. Grrrh! Since non would fit for my dear LX5, we ended up renting another P&S camera for 600 pesos, with camera case and free batteries.


We had our first dip at the Pambato reef. It's my first to snorkeling so is my mother dear, who, at first,  had a hard time navigating her gears.

I find Pambato reef very unique as this is like a balsa-material-made-little-port floating right in the middle of the ocean.

But this isn't a very good spot for snorkeling as the waters are dark, you could  hardly see any fish or corals. J had to go deeper to get a good view, but nothing very spectacular.

First attempt with my rented underwater camera.

We stayed for almost an hour in Pambato Reef. I think, J and I were the last ones to get off the waters. Untrue to its name, if this will be our pambato to any coral reefs competition, sure it won't get any prize.


It's called Pandan Island as there are a lot of pandan plants in the area. Among the three island we visited, this one's the most beautiful.

After placing our bags in the rented cottage, J and I rushed the seas and started snorkeling again.

Here comes my AWE-WOW-moment.

Easily got bored with fish feeding the same-colored-striped-fishes, J went to the deeper blueish area (kaw na ang magaling lumangoy!) and surprised with more corals and different school of fish sorrounding it. He took me there afterwards. Pushing my floating feet forward while my face soaked insde the waters. Seriously, I have never seen such beauty uderneath.

Some of the fish were territorial. At some point, J stood up to one of the stoned corals, and one fish was bitting his foot, until he decided to leave the area.

We had our lunch in Pandan Island. As mentioned in my previous post, you can d-i-y your Honda Bay tour, and you just have to worry about what food to bring, as your boatmen and your guide will be the one who will prepare it for you. In our case, we went snorkelling all the time, mom just called us when it's time for lunch.

After a fully-loaded lunch, we hit beach back.

J: pinatawag ko kayong lahat..para sa isang mahalagang pulong..*haha*
  We also sighted some scuba divers, and this one didn't mind for a shot.

And in case, you got nothing else to do underwater...

Just before we left the island, I bade goodbye to a cutie friend. He joined us in our lunch,  he ate some of my food and leftovers. Wish I can take him home. Tsk tsk.


Fret not, as there are no snakes in the island, only its shoreline looks like one.

Here, fishes are bigger and more aggressive. Though they're not as lovely as the ones in Pandan Island. Water's greyish. Less corals.

Mom did enjoyed her first camera trick shot in the island.

I tried exploring the other end of the shoreline, as I wanted to check the 'snake' in the island. But there's
really nothing special with the coast.

... so J decided to 'planked' himself again...

...and again...

...and again..

Past 2pm, we headed back to the port. while on our way, the rain started to pour out. which reminded me, if it had been so sunny, I wouldn't enjoy the beach that much. Good thing, the weather joined my sweet sojourn with the sea. Haha.

We arrived the city and went back to the tiangge for our last minute pasalubong shopping.

Aroud 6pm, we went to Kinabuchs for our dinner. Kinabuchs (kina-Butch, as the owners name is butch) is only open in the afternoon, 4pm-2am.

that's real..for your eyes only!

Here, they serve the must-try croc meats in three different menu - adobado, bicol express and sisig.

Al-fresco dinning Kinabuchs could get crowded in the evening  as this is one of the famous bars in town. They say your visit to Palawan won't be complete without a visit in this restuarant.

Another must-try in the restaurant is the famous tamilok (woodworm), which we didn't care as according to mama, we have a lot of this in Taganaan.

Guests started to fill in the restaurant when we decided to head back home and prepare our luggage for the next days scheduled  flight.

*All underwater photos taken from Canon P&S camera*


  1. hi. great blog :)
    may I just ask how far is Ysabelle Mansion from Rizal Avenue?

    I was in Palawan two years ago and will be back this year. The landmarks I know of are: airport, Jollibee, Ka Lui, Kinabuch and Mercury Drug.
    Where is Ysabelle nearest (I mean, walking distance)?

    Thank you for your reply. :)

  2. Hi, thanks for the post.

    Anyway, I have no idea where is it near to, but it's not really that accessible to everything. We had to ride the trike everytime we need go to a certain place. We never tried walking though - para kasing papasok pa sya eh.

  3. thank you for the reply :)