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Gastronomy: Boracay

The cheapest meal I had in Boracay.
Ok, Ok.. I know what you're thinking.. We went all the way to Boracay to dine in Mang Inasal.Haha.

Well, we arrived late in the afternoon. We're tired and We can't decide where to eat. This is what I hate when travelling with my friends (Donna and Jen). We have this 'ikaw? kayo?' attitude when you're actually on the verge of starvation.

We strolled along the busy, talc-like pathways of the famous Boracay on our first night, looking for a decent and dignified restaurant to fill our empty stomachs. It's our first meal in Boracay, I think we should have eaten somewhere worth remembering, for a first timer. However, our feet took us to Mang Inasal, inside D*Mall. We were actually battling between Mang Inasal and its adjacent restaurant, Andok's. Haha. Ofcourse, the eat-all-you-kanin wins!

Sure you're familiar with Mang Inasal's menu so I didn't bother for a single shot. Haha. But to give you an idea of the restaurant, I obliged myself to borrow one photo.

credits to the owner

Damaged: 140


Perhaps one of the cheapest and modest accomodations in Boracay is Tans Guesthouse.

I have no other protest except that we were accomodated in the newly built annex of the guesthouse. It's a five-to-eight-minute-walk away from the main guesthouse, and their restaurant is at the top floor. We had no choice but to do this early morning exercise for the next three days, before we can eat our complimentary breakfast.

And to baptize our first day in Boracay, a pleasant welcome from Ramon surprised us. We had but one tiny umbrella, thanks to Donna. We squeezed ourselves into the small umbrella, walked on the small alleys towards the main guesthouse.

So what can you expect for a free breakfast from a 500-per-person-per-day accomodation? 

Damaged: free


Craving for some baby back ribs, try Gasthof. It's one of the famous restuarants in the island. Very accessible if you're staying near D*Mall, or Station 2.

'Para kaming basang sisiw' when we entered the restaurant, as we had our 'playing-in-the-rain-with-Ramon' moment beforehand. We had to ask the attendant of the restaurant if they can accomodate us, as we were totally soaking wet.

It turned out, we were the only ones dining in the place. Ofcourse, we tried their best seller, the baby back ribs. They offer two different servings, 400 good for 2-4 persons, and 700 for  bigger groups.

To ease our cold bodies, we added sinigang na baboy for our menu. Serving was huge, good for 5-6 persons, I think.

Damaged: 755 (divide by 3) = 251 per person


The only buffet restaurant we tried in Boracay.

On our first night, we strolled from Station 2 to Station one, looking for a restaurant, and ended up in Mang Inasal back in Station 2.

On our second night, we lingered the dim-lighted walkways towards Station 3. Passed by the famous Regency Boracay, and other known restaurants. Again, we cannot decide where to eat (this time blame it on our budget haha). I suggested we eat in La Carmela de Boracay, as I know it only costs 270 pesos, with unlimited iced tea. Not bad, I think, because other buffet restaurants, especailly seafood  buffets costs from 300 and above, exclusive of drinks.

Upon entering the restaurant, I then stormed the buffet table, and got a little disappointed with what I saw. Few food selections, ordinary menu, ordinary dessserts. They also have a separate table for mongolian food lovers.

It was past nine in the evening when we arrived in La Carmela. A bit late for the buffet. My bad, I overslept
my afternoon rest and my friends didn't bother to wake me up.

Few minutes, one of the crew approached us and told us to secure food from the mongolian table as they're about to close it. So Jen and Donna hurriedly took a plate of some mongolian noodles I can barely recognize.

A little later, they again asked us to get our dessserts. There was nothing special about it, just macaroons, brownies and sago-salad.
facade of La Carmela de Boracay
Damaged:  270 per person


'Never leave Boracay without tryng this one.' 'You've never been to Boracay, if you never tried Jonah's fruit shake.'

These are the few signature statements I read about Jonah's fruit shake when I was still doing my research for our Boracay trip. And when travelling, it's always a norm to experience your destinations' must-trys, and I thought this place was one of them.

After our island hopping and reef walking, we instantly agreed to visit Jonah's. Our trike driver halted in two other branches of Jonah's located along the highways, but we were actually looking for the one along ther beachfront, facing the famous grotto in the island.

Maybe you can tell your driver it's the one near Waling-Waling, that's what Jen told the driver (it's her second time in Boracay.)

After few minutes, we were there. And then, my awe-wow-moment.

the most photographed view of Boracay

We ordered shrimps, chicken curry and of course, their famous fruit shakes. I have never seen such a number of different flavors. Most of the choices are weird combinations.

I had banana-choco-vanilla, Jen ordered Mango Rum and Donna had Mango-Pineapple. Strawberry and avocado were not available.

While taking our order, Donna asked the attending crew what's the secret ingredient of their special fruit shake, that made them undoubtably famous? The crew just smiled, and said, 'wala naman po.'

True enough. There was really nothing extraordinary with their fruit shakes. So frustrating. Haha. It taste normal, just like Fruitas or the ones bein sold in the streets.

I think what made them different from others is that they offer a lot flavor combinations, which I can't even remember one. And instead of placing it in your  usual fruit shake cups, they put it in a bottle (think of an empty, recycled, plastic bottle) which I think is unhealthy.

Good thing, they have the most amazing view in the island, I can forgive their overhyped, overrated fruit shake ever. Haha.

Damaged: 795 (divide by 3) = 265 per person


Last supper in Boracay.

Forget the fancy, expensive and high-end restaurants, and have a seat in one of the famous karenderias in town, SMOKE.

You won't notice this restaurant, unless you knew it exist.

Since, we're on our last night, and our pockets were almost empty, Jen and I decided to grab a bite in SMOKE, just like our FEU days. Haha. 

Jen had their best seller, beef salpicao. Shrimps weren't available, so I settled for a single serving of prawn sinigang (incluide 4pcs of prawns.)  I also tried their calamansi shake.

If you on a budget, you can also try different karenderia's along SMOKE restaurant. It may not be beachfront, but it's worth the value of your money.

Damaged: 165

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