Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my firsts in Boracay...

Boracay - perhaps everyone's dream destination..!

How can you not dream of  a white beach with  more than three kilometre stretch of talc-and-flour-like sand, youre with your special someone, holding hands while leisurely walking, waiting for the sun to set and capture the haven of a perfect scenery?

This is how I imagined Boracay before I set foot in the place. I got familiar with her during college days, when airfares were a little out of reach by a normal-no-work-no-pay-employee. Even then, I never dreamed of goin to Boracay. A self-confessed-non-beach-lover I am, I think Boracay is one-of-my-least-priority-places-to-go-in-the-Philippines before turning 30.

But words about her exquisite beauty and grandeur continued to intrigue and entice me and my wandering spirit, so when Sea Air announced their once-in-a-blue-moon seat sale last March 2011, I and my friends grabbed our tickets and planned to storm Boracay.

October 2011

First flight with Sea Air.

First out-of-town trip together.

First to Boracay.

Though this trip has been planned months ago, its as if we havent saved a lot penny for this much awaited vacation. While boarding the plane, I was able to convince myself that I only have 3,500 pesos on my pocket, as I wanted to prove to myself that Boracay can be enjoyed not only my dollar signed currencies, but also by some averaged-hardworking-peso-earner individuals like us. haha

So we all agreed to spend at least three thousand in the island.

Boracay Airport

We arrived Boracay Airport almost 4pm. Hopped to a van going to Caticlan Port. With our limited budget, I got so overwhelmed with the free airport transfer offered by Sea Air. Five-minute trike drive from airport to the ferry port will cost you 50 to a hundred.

From Caticlan port, you need to ride a jetty for another five minutes before reaching Boracay island, and this will cost you 25 pesos. Alas, Sea Air offers free boats transfers as well. Haha. (I am, in any way, not related to Sea Air, I am just a satisfied and overwhelmed first time customer. Haha)

So we only paid for the environmental fee (75) and terminal fee (50) before hopping to the boat.

...took the trike to D*Mall, Palengke side...

this way to the beach

...checked in at Tans Guesthouse...

...mesmerized by our first and only sunset in Boracay...

...strolled Station 2 to Station 1  (at maglway sa mga seafood)...

...and dined our first meal in Mang Inasal. Haha.

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  1. na achieve nyo ba yung goal ninyo na P3,000 lang ang gagastusin?