Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birthday ko, Bellissimo!

I seldom celebrate my birthday in a restaurant. Thanks to some online deals that’s flocking like mushrooms, I was able to avail few discount vouchers for one important event.

Bellissimo Ristorante is owned by the award winning actor-director Cesar Montano, but managed by his daughter, Angela.  This small, cozy Italian inspired restaurant is located at the busy streets of Tomas Morato, near Zirkoh. 

I purchased five discount vouchers of Buyanihan's Bellissimo Ristorante deal. It costs 1,250 pesos, with 2, 500 worth of food and drinks, at least, I had 50% off. 

Days before the special night, I called the restaurant for reservations. Sweet and easy.

It was a rainy Tuesday night, and I had doubts my friends won’t be able to join us for the celebration, besides, I cannot cancel the reservations as it requires a day for cancellation. Good thing, I have sincere-hearted set of friends, who cannot be threatened with whatever kind of rain there is. Haha..

We arrived in the restaurant just in time for our reservation. I presented the vouchers to the reception, and we started to dig in to their menu.

They first served us with their complimentary appetizer. Some bread and dips.

We were the only ones in the restaurant. It was as if reserved for us all night. Waiters were kind and helpful to assist us with what to order.

Ceasare Pasta, 330 (obviously named after the owner..)
Pasta Alla Pescatora, 359
Aglio Olio, 298 (this according to them is their best seller)
Bolognese, 298
Pasta servings are good for two persons, three if you’re on a diet.. But with its special taste, I think I can go for one serving.

What’s pasta without pizza.. So we had their best seller pizza, Supremo (450)

..and J's personal favorite, Hawaiian pizza, (360). We ordered two.

I think, everyone in our group would agree that they had one of the best pizza ever. Best thin crust pizza I have yet to experience. Worth every bite. 

And what’s a birthday without a cake.. Haha.. Thanks to my Boracay buddies, Jen and Donna for the cake they bought right outside the restaurant. Indeed I felt like it was my birthday. Haha

And what’s a night without some singing. As a singer and music lover, Cesar Montano added a music lounge in the 2nd floor of the restaurant. We were the only ones in the 2nd floor and two other guests, who enjoyed their not so quiet moment, behind the walls that separates from us.

So, my dear friend, multi-talented Mark serenaded us with his heartfelt renditions. He was the one who dared, so we had no choice but to deal with it for few hours. Haha. Thanks Pitoc.

It was indeed a wonderful night. A night worth thanking for, as I’m always reminded that I had the best set of friends in the world. Chos


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Bellissiomo Ristorante

105 Unit E & F Sct. Castor cor. Tomas Morato

Quezon City