Saturday, September 3, 2011

Up Close with The Angkor Wat

After we had a some splendid lunch in one local Khmer restaurant inside the park, we headed to one of the most famous temples inside the Angkor wat Archeological Park.

Why was it so famous compared to other temples? Because Angelina Jolie was here. Clueless? Watch the Tomb Raider movie.

Because of it's cameo role in the said movie, Ta Prohm gained more tourist every day ever since. Ty even admitted that most tourist just knew the temple as the one where Jolie had that famous fight scene.

But taking a closer look at it, Ta Prohm  turned out to have her very own unique beauty. The area is almost covered with very gigantic trees whose roots are growing in and outside the temple. Ty said, that the government has specific instructions not to cut down those trees as they might totally ruin the fullness of the now-ruined temple.

Now I've come to the most awaited part of my eight-day journey.

The Angkor Wat

If I had known I will be blogging about this, I could've taken few decent photos of it. It was indeed a very hot afternoon, I didn't have any umbrella with me. But having my first glance at the well-known structure, I think I can consider having darker complexion for the next couple of weeks. Haha.  

the guard

the guard
man-made moat pond

Walking the long pathway towards the center of the temple, had me some goose bumps for a moment. Another dream come true for me. (Thank you, Lord). My eyes were feasting. I can't hide the joy I felt. I wish I had someone to share my happiness.

As there were a lot of tourist, I had a hard time finding a good shot along the causeway. Besides, it was really hard to stay long under the sun as she merciless. So I just took a couple fo shots, then head towards the entrance of the temple.

There were two adjacent temples along the causeway. It used to be a library and a museum.

The Angkor Wat tower has more intricate carvings to offer compared the one's I saw in Angkor Thom.  Major restoration has been going on for years now, much as they want to preserve one of the world genius work of art and architecture.

I have few decent photos of the front view of the Angkor Wat temple, but I'll just post this one's taken from the other side of the temple. Due to the construction, there were some green-net-like distractions in major area. Eye-sore. So pagtyagaan nyo na lang ito. Hihi.

I went up to the tower of Angkor Wat itself, but this time, I used the stairs. At the top, you will have a panoramic vision of the Angkor Wat complex. It actually started to look like it's gonna rain, the cloud's gettin darker. But before it totally rained, I had a peek to the supposed sunset in the temple.

I wasn't able to catch the sunrise, nor a complete solo-sunset moment, so I just made an excuse for myself to come back to Cambodia, and visit the Angkor Wat for the second time.