Saturday, September 10, 2011


ARRIVAL  Ho Chi Minh City via Cebu Pacific / waited til morning at the airport
TAXI to Pham Ngu Lao                               200k (ripped-off, should 120-140k only)
Viet simcard                                                   90k
7am, depart to Mui Ne                                 130k
1pm , check in – Saigon Café                       120k
Half-day tour  –Mr. Binh                              200k
Tip (red sand dunne)                                      30k
Coke, Hat                                                     30k
Bus to HCMC (Sinh Tourist)                       100k
                                                          subtotal:     900k VND = 1, 872Php

Check out Saigon Cafe/Back to HCMC
Breakfast                                                       25k
Biscuits                                                          24k
Lunch (local restaurant)                                  30k
Dinner (Asian Cuisine)                                    65k
Internet                                                            5k
Prepaid Load                                                 50k
                                                          subtotal:      199k VND = 413.92Php
Sleeper Bus to Phnom Penh                        10usd
Tam anh GH (3nights)                                 36usd
                                                           subtotal:          46 USD = 2, 070Php

ARRIVAL to Phnom Penh
Coffee for Breakfast                                    15k = .75USD
Half day tour PP – Tuktuk/Guide                 10USD
Entrance fee (S21 Killing Fields)                   4usd
Bus to SR – Virak Buntham bus                    9USD
Tuktuk to bus station                                     2usd
Cambodian Simcard                                     3usd
Additional prepaid load                                 2usd
Lunch, KFC                                                 3USD
Food, h20, Sugarcane juice                          5usd
                                                       subtotal:        38.75 USD = 1, 743.75Php

Entrance to Angkor Wat (1day)                     20usd
Tour Guide                                                    25usd
Tuktuk for a day (c/o Bou Savy GH)              12usd
Tip to tuktuk driver/guide                                 3usd
Apsara buffet dinner                                       10usd
Mango juice at Apsara dinner                      2.50usd
Angkor Wat thirts (4pcs)                                12usd
Magnets, Scarves, Shawl, Keychain                 8usd
30-min foot massage                                       1 usd
Bus to Siem Reap                                           16usd
                                                     subtotal:       109.50 USD =   4, 927.50Php

Check out/Back to Saigon
Bou Savy GH (2night, 2 days with 10% off)                 12.5usd
Coke                                                                           15k = .75usd
Arrival/Check in Tam Anh
Dinner                                                                          40k = 2usd
                                                     subtotal:      15.25 USD = 686.25Php

Dai Nam Park
Bus 616 to Dai Nam                                       25k
Motorbike (wow mali moment)                        30k
Entrance fee                                                     50k
Entrance to Dai Nam Zoo                                40k
Lunch, sugarcane juice                                     55k
Motorbike (the classic moment)                       180k
Saigon shirts (10 pcs-180each                       40usd = 1800 Php
Magnets, Bag                                                  150k
Pho 2000 dinner                                               66k

                                                       subtotal:    596k vnd = 1240 Php     
Cu Chi Tunnel tour
Breakfast Meal                                                         22k
Cu Chi tunnel 1/2 day tour (Sinh Tourist)             130k
Entrance fee to tunnel                                            40k
Lunch (Kim Café)                                                 70k
Coke                                                                      8k
Bottled water                                                          9k
*Saigon City walking tour (DIY)
Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral,
Post Office, Saigon Opera House                            free
HCMC Museum entranve fee                                 10k
BagVina (bought 2 Original TNF bags)                   1.030M* (original plan was to pay with CC,
                                                                                                                               but paid it in cash, anyway)
Motorbike to Guesthouse                                       20k
                                                    subtotal:      1.339 M VND =  2,7850.00Php
                                                                                *Yes, I spent a MILLION in one day????*

Mekong Delta tour
Baguette breakfast                                                    20k = 2usd
Mekong Delta (c/o Viet vacation travel)                10usd
Ice cream sa stop over                                         1.5usd
Coke                                                                    .75usd
Manicure at the park                                        40 K = 2usd
Candies for pasalubong                                    160k = 8usd
Last Supper in Saigon at Pho 2000                     80k = 4usd
Taxi to Airport  (Vinasun Taxi)                          120k = 6usd

                                                     subtotal:       34.25USD  = 1, 541.25Php

                                             TOTAL: 19,005.75Php

*I allotted 20,000Php for this trip. I could've save more, if I didn't buy pasalubongs. Haha. Seriously, xext time, I will lessen this part of the trip. All the bills left were kept for remembrance.

Philippine Travel tax –  1620.00Php
Philippine Terminal fee – 750Php
Airline Tickets – 3, 600.00Php (was paid six months before the flight, not the cheapest fare!)
Taxi fare to Airport – 220.00Php
Taxi fare from Airport (c/o J)

*Rates at the HCMC airport:  1USD = 20, 800 VND
*Rates in the city : 1USD = 20, 200 to 20, 500 VND
*Rates in the market, say, you ran out of Vietnam Dongs and want to pay in USD instead:
1 USD = 20, 000 ( for faster computation..)

***disclaimer: Prices may vary. The quotation above is based on personal travel & expenses dated June 30-July 7, 2011.


  1. sarap bumalik sa cambodia kasi pangit yung camera ko noon.

  2. ..ako rin gusto ko bumalik dun, esp sa Siem Reap, kasi bitin na bitin ang byahe ko nun.. hehe

  3. are you from surigao?o bohol?i'm intrigued kasi with the name of your blog.surigaonon kasi mom ko