Monday, September 5, 2011

The Apsara Dance & The Night Market


NEVER leave Cambodia without experiencing the tradional Khmer dance - the Apsara dance.

Apsara dance is like our very own Tinikling (minus the bamboo sticks) or Cariniosa. Only our version is more magiliw. Because theirs are more serious. Dead  serious. It's like you committed a crime once you smile during the performance. Having said that, I can never be an Apsara dancer. Haha.

Earlier that morning, I told my very effecient tuktuk driver (forgot his name, sorry!) my desire to watch the Apsara show, which includes buffet dinner, for 10USD. I was adviced to have it booked in advance so as to get the best seat in the show.

There's a lot of hotels and restaurants offering Apsara show, my driver/guide had my reservation at the Amazon Angkor restaurant.

After a  quick rest and much needed-wash-up from my whole-day walking tour in Angkor Wat, he drove to the restaurant around 6pm. Apsara show starts at 730pm.

the stage

There were quiet a few number of people inside the preformance hall. I was led to my table by one of the attendants. After I had settled all details for my reservation - time to check some food.

There were a lot of variety of  food. They also had a pasta and salad section, European and Chinese food.

Fruits and other desserts... very native... very local... I ate some delicacies but nothing special with the taste - it's more like Filipino food lang.

 ... and the most anticipated part of the night.

Apsara dance can be very pleasing to the eyes. Thank's to their colorful, detailed custome and huge gold-plated head piece. Funny, while they were dancing, can't help but mimic their hand gestures - bend my wrist, pointed it to different angles. Arrgh. It's never easy to be an Apsara dancer. Haha. The show can be boring too. Almost the same dance tunes and the same dance steps. It's worth the experience though. It's one of the must-trys when you visit Siem Reap, so never miss the chance.

The show ended around half past 8pm. I saw my exclusive tuktuk driver waiting for me outside the restaurant. I asked him to drived me to the night market. I didn't have much budget for pasalubong, but I can't miss the chance to check the night market. Souvernirs shirts weren't impressive at the market, but I was able to buy four. Haha.

I think I spent more than two hours inside the market, not because I was eager to buy some cheap pasalubong, but because I can't find the exit. Just so frustrating. Haha.

At the entrance/exit area, you will be greeted with these signages. I guess the cheapest massage ever - 1 usd for 30-minute body or foot massage. Dirt cheap huh. Grabbed it, of course!  

the best way to end the day!
Just before I ended my much-needed massage, I texted my tuktuk driver to fetch me at the entrance/exit. Yes, hatid-sundo ang lola nyo. I just gave him additonal tip for his kindness.

Back to my guesthouse, I started to pack my things again. The next morning I'm expected to travel back to Saigon for another gruelling 12-14 hour bus travel. Bus ticket costs 16 usd, bust ticket reservation courtesy of my tuktuk driver.

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