Monday, September 12, 2011

daytrip: Mount Mayon

Back to Legaspi:

Did I mentioned that wherever you go in Legaspi, you'll see her beauty - spewing some smoke from time to time, while clouds covering her half of body? I can't wait to see the perfect-coned-shaped Mayon Volcano. Oh just how beautiful.

I wonder how local treats her. Seeing her everyday, do they still have the same feeling as to what I felt when I first saw her on the plane? Do they still wonder why after so many eruptions, she remained her full beauty? Do they still appreciate her fullness when she had caused them some discomfort,  even lives?

Enough of my emo-mode.

From the town, we took a jeep to Guinobatan, and asked the drvier to drop us off to Cagsawa Ruins.  At the junction, you can either take a trike, or just walk 10-15 mins to the entrance of the ruins. We opted the later one, and I think we made the right choice.

Entrance fee is 10pesos, and you'll have the volcano all you want.

Locals here can do you a favor by  taking your pictures, with all different camera tricks. Such common tricks you can find when you search google images, all and the same. Good thing, J and I aren't fond of camera tricks. So we just explored the area.

Went behind the ruined church... Took a couple of shots. Argued a bit.  Then, off we go - to some souvenir-hopping.  If you failed to buy your souvenirs in Naga, fret not, there's a lot souvenir stores in Cagsawa Ruins area. Shirts, handmade bags and slippers, magnets, different flavor of pili nuts...and a lot more.

Next stop will be the Lignon Hill. Hire a motorbike going up to the hill, or you'll regret it.  It's an uphill climb, believe me. Good thing, I'm used to hike. But even if, it's not advisable to do such thing under the most heated sun.

But I think, it's worth all the sweat.

Try this one, as well.  It's 5php for 3 minutes. The view is priceless. J spent 15 pesos to get an up close view of her. It's very clear, vivid, and detailed. You can even see some lava running on her body.

 ...Overlooking the whole town? Must be very beautiful in the evening...

our chauffeur..haha
We asked an attendant in the hill if they have some contact person for a motorbike hire. I don't think I can still manage going down, it's mid day, for heaven's sake. While waiting for our service, we ate some fresh buko for 20 pesos each.
After Lignon Hill, we went straight to the Embarcadero. It's like their baywalk, mas sosyal lang.

Dined at Biggs diner. They say your Bicol experience is never compelete without a visit in this restaurant. So, we tried it as well. I didn't find any special with the food.

Still, I'm craving for laing pizza and pasta. I tried calling Smalltalk Cafe, I've read somewhere it serves the most tasteful laing pizza and bicol express. But we're really running out of time. We'll just have them when we get back to Bicol.

We were about to leave Embarcadero to the airport, when J saw this tattoo store, offering a ten-peso-promo... the next thing we know, he had his first henna tattoo experience. But we ended up paying 100 because the promo was good for chinese characters only. Hmp.
tattoo virgin no more
We just hired a trike for 60Php going to the airport. Checked-in. And waited for an hour before boarding. Yes, delayed flight. tsk tsk.

smoking for Mayon only...

If you plan to stay overnight in Legaspi, you can try Sampaguita Tourist Inn. It's one famous cheap accomodations in town. It can go fully booked everyday, so better book yourselves in advance.  052-480-6258


  1. haha lovely sticker. sana nakita ko din yang "only the Mayon smokes.." hehe