Monday, September 12, 2011

daytrip: CWC

Last February, I was able to acquire two roundtrip tickets to Legaspi. The price: 310 pesos only: Yes, you read it right. It's 310 peysus, for two, roundtrip. Surprised? Nah, I even got 250 peso-tickets-for two, Surigao_Cebu_Surigao route.

Well, it pays to be working in the overnight. Haha.

Anyways, I can be very meticulous with regards to planning or preparing an itinerary, that's what I did when I had my Vietbodia trip. But I can only do that when I'm travelling alone -  or I'm in-charge with the trip.

This time, I'm travelling with a go-with-the-flow-no-itinerary-bahala-na-kung-anong-mangyayari type of person... my dearly beloved boyfriend. It's our first just-the-two-us-out-of-town travel, and we're doing it for one whole day.

So forget all the iti notes. I just stored important details in my momery, with hopes of  not having any memory gaps.  Geared with our newly bought TNF backpacks, we left Manila very early in the morning and we arrived Legaspi ariport 15 minutes before  our expected arrival time.


I always ask for a window seat when travelling, especially for this trip, because I want to have my first glimpse of the Mount Mayon while on board the plane.

Having no checked-in luggage, we exited the lobby and proceeded to the tourist info desk just in front the arrival area of the airport.

First agenda of the day: ask how to get to Naga

My initial plan for this trip was just to see the Mount Mayon up close, near the Cagsawa ruins. But since I'm travelling with my adventurous partner in crime, might as well try Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC), for him. Hoping we can manage to squeeze our itinerary, in our very very tight schedule.

We were instructed to take a tricycle to the integrated terminal (50pesos) and ride a van goin to Naga (150 pesos each).


I think, we wasted more than an hour because of the traffic due to some flash/mudslide along the highway.  And I started to rant about the time. WHILE my go-with-the-flow-no-itinerary-bahala-na-kung-anong-mangyayari boyfriend was busy playing his psp. arrghh.

To those planning to go to CWC via Legaspi, you can ask the van driver to just drop you off  in Pili where CWC jump off  point is located - instead of  heading straight to Naga City.

In our case, we went straight to SM Naga, thinking we can find the free shuttle service to CWC - but to no avail. So we boarded a jeepney back to Pili (7Php each) and dropped off at a junction to where we can ride a trike going to CWC (10Php each).

There's an upcoming activity in CWC on the weekend, the Cobra ironman event, so people were a bit busy.
Anyway, we arrived CWC and wasted no time.  J registered himself and we deposited our backpacks in the counter.

You just have to rent for the gears (helmet and vest) : 165 per hour,  460 halfday, 750 whole day (more info here.)  *with 500 peso-deposit which will be returned when you're done with the gears*

After a very short orientation with the experts, I got caught off-guard and saw my dearest beloved did his first attempt to kneeboarding. Bigla bigla na lang.

CWC has two cable parks. The Winch Park, for beginners. and the main Cable Park - for the PRO's... and J had his first kneebording attempt in the main cable park.

He took his first two-rounds of kneeboarding, could've been three rounds according to him, but his arms were already aching so he let go of the pulling rope. Having no warm ups, no exercise, I understand. Haha..

just for the Pro's

It's always best to visit any parks on a weekday, because it's less crowded. Moments later, four other young adults came to the main cable park. They were kneeboarding in the winch park area, when the cables had some technical glitches.

After kneeboarding, here comes wakeboarding.

I can't imagine the feeling being pulled fast by those cable wires. J even asked the operator if it can be adjusted to their level as beginners, because according to him, it's way too fast. But that's what the Winch park is for, because it's slower than the one's at the main park, however, it's out of order. Talk about right timing huh.

So J managed to be content with his semplang moments in the cable park, can't figure out how to balance his body to the board and the pulley...

... while these experts seemed  to have no trouble at all...

teach me how to, doggie?!

We had some rice bowl for lunch and one liter of ice tea (350Php) I wanted to order the renowned laing pizza, but J suggested we just have it after the activity so have something to eat on our way back to Legaspi. But we weren't able to buy one because we're running out of time and we wanted to catch the free shuttle service from CWC to SM Naga, so I just forget about buying the Laing pizza, hoping we have time to find one in Legaspi.

We had some time to explore SM Naga. We bought some bread and cake in Graceland, because I heard it's one of the famous bakeshops in town. Then we proceeded to the van terminal.

While in the van, on our way back to Legaspi, J can't seem to find the words  how to describe the pain he's been experiencing after his kneeboarding-wakeboarding exhibitions. I can't even relate to what he's feeling. But one thing is definite: we'll be back to CWC... soon!

*there's a scheduled free shuttle service from Naga Airport to CWC vice-versa, also from SM Naga to CWC vice-versa.
*visit CWC on a Monday, earliest time possible so you can enjoy their promo for beginners
*it's best to have exercise or at least a warm up before doing such activities
* prepare Alaxan FR haha..
 *for cheap souvenirs shirts - it's outside SM Naga, ask locals for Cottonworld - it's where we got ours for 170Php - near the jeepney terminal bound for Pili. There's actually a line of souvenir stores along you'll have a lot of choices.


  1. wow, ang galing nakatayo ka sa professional park! =)

  2. haha.. sa simula lang po yan, pagkatapos makuhanan ng picture, semplang na..

  3. hey ur blog is really helpful! im going to cwc next month & u really gave me awesome tips=) Thank you so much, more power!=)