Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Peak: Mt. Pico de Loro

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world - Oscar Wilde

Frustration and disappointment enveloped my entire body when I finally accomplished the sole mission of the day. Yes, I won the game. But why didn't I feel any satisfaction about my winnings? What a very discouraging moment. Imagine an ultimate dream just shattered right in front of you, and you can do nothing but embrace the mere fact that you actually lost the battle you thought you won over. 

It took us  four tough freakin hours to get to the top of Mt Pico de Loro. Holding a handful of hope that all our efforts will be rewarded. Yes, we were. It was a cloud of  fog covering the vastness of the lush green mountains. The complete opposite of what I dreamed about the beautful Mt. Pico.

How can you appreciate a beauty when it's barely there?

But, I cannot allow myself to dwell in frustrations forever, right? I've gone this far, I had a rough climb, might as well sieze the moment that I actually conquered the mountain.

I snapped back to reality and realized that the last group finally made it to the peak. So what can you do on top of  the very foggy Mt. Pico de Loro?

..keep a lasting memory and secure pieces of evidence that we made it through the rain.

As much as we wanted to explore the mountain we have dreamed of for such a time, it was way too dangerous.  We hardly see any the trail to the famous Parrot's beak, we can't even see anything apart from the fog and the grounds where we at.

To ease my pain, I just pretended that she doesn't exist, or at least I'd like to think it that way. However, seeing other people's  photo with her was  like a  knife pierced to the different parts of my body.

credits to the owner

We stayed at the peak for the shortest time. Then head back on the road for our descent. We can't afford to spend the night traversing the same rocky roads we took on our way up.

And just when I thought the descent will always be easy compared to the climb, I ended up to be one who literally took one step at a time. I can no longer force my feet to move. I was dead tired and the only way I can walk comfortably was to walk barefooted again. So I did, for at least an hour and half.  Poor feet.

kasi nasa hulihan kami

Slowly, as I wander the rough roads again, trying to contemplate about the uncomfortable pain in my back, I can't help but be emotional about what just happened. We planned for this, we dreamed of this, we sacrificed for this, and yet. this is what we get? *deep sigh*

Talked about conquering Pico next year, probably summer, to completely enjoy the half-baked journey we just had.

It was the longest descent ever. As if trail was never-ending.

And as we draw closer to the grounds, I can't help but notice everyone, still ranting about their disappointments and frustrations. I totally understand. I for a moment did the same. Then I remember the prayer we had before the climb. I actually asked Him that He may give us the heart to appreciate and acknowledge His creation.  I suddenly felt guilty. Is this how we show Him our gratitude? Fog-filled-below-zero-visibility peak of the mountain still is part of His wonderful creation. I may not know exactly what are those fogs for, but they're their for something and He still made them all, they're beautiful and they're worth thanking for.

We arrived DENR office at around 6pm. Had a quick rest, washed up, coffee break and head back to the bus terminal for our departure.

Just before we left the DENR office, another group of mountaineers arrived. I was stunned. Are they gonna hike the mountain at this time of the night? They were somewhat surprised to see us too - they're outnumbered. Haha. But these people I think, judging on their full-geared bags and attire have been climbing for years now. Besides, you won't dare night trekking to Mt. Pico if you're an amateurish climber, like us? Haha.

Exchanged a few words with them. I tried threatening them about how dangerous the trail was, but they didn't seem to mind at all. Haha. They then asked of which group do we belong to. And I was like grasping my answers. And when I finally told them our groups' name, one laughed, 'naku, delikado yan,' he uttered Hmmm.. Why, what's wrong with our name? Haha.

I always feel sad when everyone's planning to go swimming for team building, because I'm not a pool or beach fan. I tried suggesting mountain climbing but it didn't realized. I don't think it will ever happen. But it's okay. I have found a bunch of crazy people who somewhat share the same passion as mine. 

And if there's one lesson I must learn from the recent expedition, it's the part of the song - Ain't about what's waiting on the other side. No matter how high or low the MASL's of the mountain will be, they're all worth a visit, they're all worth a climb, they're all His creation, they're all beautiful. 

4am - Assembly RCBC Makati
450am - Taxi to Saulog bus terminal near D.Jose LRT - 40php (total bill divided into 4)
*540am - ETD Ternate, Cavite - 86php 
8am - ETA Ternate Cavite
*815 - trike to DENR office - 75php
*830am - Registration at DENR office - 20php
9am - Prayer, start of the trek
*10am - ETA Base Camp 1, Registration: 20php
1pm - ETA Pico peak-a-Booo!
2pm - Start descent
530pm - ETA DENR office
              bath fee - 5php
              coffee break - 12php
*630pm - trike to bus terminal - 75php
*650pm - ETD Saulog bus terminal, fare: 86php
9pm - ETA Buendia
910pm - bus to RCBC Makati - 12php
930pm - FX to reality - 30php

tourguide (oneway): Kuya Jun & Kuya Charlie: 600php (divided by 17) = 36.00php

      *Kuya Jun (0999.517.9414) waited and accompanied us all through out the climb, when our initial arrangement was just for them to guide us to the top* 
Tip for Kuya Jun: 200php (divided by 17) = 12php

TOTAL: P509.00


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  1. Even though you did not get a good view at the peak, I think being able to go there despite the long trek is already an accomplishment. Cheer up! There is always next time. ^__^ I am actually envious of people who can do mountain climbing as I am very weak and cannot endure long treks. I know people from Pinoyexchange who are very active in mountain climbing. I believe they even went to a rock climbing workshop which was great. Maybe you guys can try it out sometime.

    Take care! Hope you had a Happy Wednesday! :)