Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012: Climb and Swim and Climb again


Travel dates: May 24-June3, 2012

J and I spent our annual sumvac (summer vacation) in our respective towns. We both hailed from the humble region of CARAGA. Since we live in two different towns, we had to travel separately. I booked a direct flight to Surigao, while he had a direct-delayed flight to Butuan. We both have to travel an hour to reach our hometowns.

Normally I like to spend my vacation at home, with nothing to worry but what to eat, which movie to watch, what time to sleep and so on. But since I can no longer contain the wanderlust in me, my supposed rest vacation became a travel vacation. 

We were actually planning to go to Camiguin during our vacation. (Camiguin is at least 5 hour bus and boat travel from Surigao.) But days before we fly to the province, J and I decided to cancel it and just enjoy our much awaited annual vacation. But even when we cancelled out trip, we still did a lot of suroy-suroy.

May 24-27, 2012
J and I stayed in our respective families. Spend a Sunday in our respective churches. Catch up with friends and relatives. I must say, it was one of the few days we had to endure for not seeing each other. Haha. 

May 28, 2012
I travelled to Cabadbaran (his hometown). It’s a three hour bus ride from our place. This is supposed to be the time where I get to bond with his family, but it wasn’t the case. Since his mom was busy with the forthcoming class opening, she’s most of the time in the school. So to make our time useful, J suggested we climb a hill, para pagbigyan ang nangangating paa na makaakyat ng bundok! He particularly mentioned a hill (so maliit or mababa lang sya, diba?) oh, well… that’s what I thought!

see? it' a mountain...

With 10 peso-registration fee, it is a well maintained prayer mountain. With different flower and plants all over the area, and the freshest air your lungs can ever experience, this can be your place of solitude. You’ll barely feel the uphill climb because the trail is supported with bamboo steps. It took us 30 minutes to reach the top, though I must admit, I struggle a bit during the climb, because I am not prepared for it. It was 3pm, the sun was unbearable and we don't even have water with us.  But just like any summits, it has its own way to pacify panting hearts and wobbling knees.

May 29, 2012
From Cabadbaran, we travelled back to our hometown. It’s his time to visit my parents. We joined the church outing in Borongkot beach (the one and only beach in the town proper.) I must say, you’ve never been to Tagana-an, without visiting this one. Haha.

I wasn’t keen taking picture because I was too excited to try on our newly bought snorkeling gears and submerge into the waters. Haha. One of the church members who has a new pump boat brought us to the opposite island where corals and fishes are overflowing.

After the fun filled swimming, we packed our things for an overnight camp in the farm. J could’ve wanted to spend the overnight near the beach but my parents were hesitant to allow us. Instead we drove few kilometers from our house to the Farmville – para muling pagbigyan ang nangangating paa!

Geared up with tent, headlamps, cook set, bolo etc. It was indeed a real camping experience minus the very exhausting trek. Spoiled nga kami kasi we had help from the caretaker of the farm. We were even provided with a pale of water for wash-up purposes. Haha..

Hopefully, next time… we can trek the highest point of Tagana-an, the mythical stone of the Kambaragil.

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