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Summer defined: Mapaso hot spring in Mainit

*umaapoy na title… haha*

May 30, 2012
I grew up in Tagana-an, but I was born in Mainit, and my precious middle name will speak for itself. I remember, when I was in first year high school, my grandfather won’t accept any of my suitors (parang andami) because according to him, all of them are our relatives. Even up to now, I’d like to think that if you’re a true blooded Mainitnon, you are, without a doubt, a relative. Haha.

These days, Mainit is more than just about the prominent lake. It has its own Kasili Lakeside Resort which according to my mom is always fully booked. Few fine dining restaurants. And the aspiring tourist spot – the 
Mapaso hot spring.

It used to be just an ordinary hot spring, that locals do not seem to mind because of its natural hotness.  But thanks to the so-called modernization, now it has become one of town’s revenue generating sites and of course, the pride of every Mainitnon.

There’s one pool open for everyone. Even on a weekday, it can get crowded. Also, don’t be surprised if the pool be surrounded by senior citizens, it’s good for the health daw kasi. Haha. If you wish to have some privacy, you can rent your own mini pool with cottage worth 500 pesos.

Because of its natural, unbearable hotness, you’ll see some outlet of natural warm water added to the pool to neutralize the boiling temperature of the hot spring. And if you feel bored being hot, you can transfer to the super cold spring nearby.

We also tried trekking the nearby mountain to see other the natural hot springs.

the sulfuric effects of the hot spring

An hour trek from the resort, you will find the yet to be discovered 90-meter-Togonon falls. But this we failed to do because we didn’t have a guide. Maybe next time.  As of this writing, Mapaso hot springs do not allow overnight stay in the resort, because there’s no electricity yet in the area.

On our way home, we had a stopover at the Kasili Lakeside Resort and Hotel. Entrance fee is 25 pesos. But since, we’ll just have a quick look, the guards let us pass through.

How to go to there:
From Surigao, ride a Mainit or Matin-ao bound jeep/multicab and ask if they can drop you at the junction of Mapaso hot springs. From here, you can hire a habal-habal for 30pesos/one way

From Butuan, ride a bus or jeep bound to Surigao, get off Magpayang. From here, you can hire a trike or wait for jeep to Mainit or Matin-ao, and drop off athe junction then hire habal habal to the resort.

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  1. i have gone to the Mapaso Wellness resort last May 11, 2014, then proceed to Kasili lakeside & to crystal's so nice & amazing ! especially the mapaso sulphuric hot time, i will bring some eggs.....