Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mt. Pulag: Mission Accomplished!

April 26, 2012
Amid the freezing temperature, I must say everyone was able to find their sleep even for few hours. Thanks to our slightly improved gears that kept us warm all night. We woke up past three in the morning. We started the trek to the summit around four. Just before we started our ascent, a group of young people (local tourists) arrived. They rested first, while we begun the highlight of our journey.

I was at the tail end during the first part of the climb. I can’t help myself not to appreciate the gloomy, mysterious-looking view. The bare shadow slopes of the mountains. Even in slight darkness, I can spot the grassland. The moist dwarf bamboo trees on the trail are hard not to miss. Added to that was the signature cold weather that soothes right through your bones. And the stars, they were slowly hiding themselves from the clouds. I can’t wait the sun to shine to perfectly witness the scenery.

But when the sun, little by little, revealed his timely entrance, I started to rush. I jogged some of the plain and safe trails to speed up my track. Some trail to the summit of Mt. Pulag can be tricky, make sure to stay with your group and your guide.

No enough words can describe the victorious feeling of conquering the summit of Mt. Pulag. Not just because it’s the third highest mountain in the country. Not just because she once denied us the opportunity to experience her and now we defeated her. It’s because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I learned from our church that heaven is divided into three. First heaven is the sky where the clouds dominate. Second heaven is the galaxy where the sun, moon and stars are in place. Third heaven is where His throne is positioned. Seeing photos of the famous sea of clouds of Mt Pulag made me think, yes, once in the summit, I’ll be an inch closer to heaven. In reality, it was a little too far to reach, but it felt like heaven nonetheless.

And when you think it’s cold up there, ask my other brother, Inch.

dare to bare?!

We stayed for more than an hour in the summit. Bitin. But the view along the way to the base camp filled that bitin portion in the summit.

No wonder, Mt Pulag has become one of the major tourist destinations up north because it offers a magnificent view. For a moment, the different angles of the mountain made me imagine of Ireland or Scotland… even Batanes. It was indeed a perfect sight.

with photos from Inch Datuin, Rodje Ridriguez, Echo Quidilig, Paulo Pagasian

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