Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bugsy's for Lunch

With the summer roasting our households, J and I decided to spend an afternoon in the mall. We dropped by Bugsy’s restaurant for a delightful lunch. I happened to purchase some discount vouchers from the restaurant. Good thing, they didn’t require reservations before dining. Since it was another spur-of-the-moment date, we just walked in the restaurant with hopes they’ll be open on an Easter Sunday… and yes, they were. And since we were the only guests that time…  naka-kain kami agad. Haha.

Here's few of their best sellers and that's what we had for lunch.

Buffalo tenders (195). Its like buffalo wings minus the bones that makes it more easy to eat. Amazingly soft and tender.

Fish and Chips (215). We thought it'll be like any fish and chips, but the two gigantic fish dory  - too much to fill your stomach.

Bugsy's Siegel (595). Their signature dish. An Angus rib eye complete with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes. It's not everyday that I'd crave for this meal because this is known to be expensive - so we savor each and every bite of it. We had it well done, though medyo matigas, pero masarap na rin. Haha. I am not a fan of mashed potatoes but I'll exempt this one. 

Bugsy's Chocolate Lava cake (145). It may look like just a cupcake with a whip cream on top of it, but looks can be deceiving sometimes, you know. One of the best choco cake I have ever experienced.

table before meals

table after meals (with the take out bag..haha)

It was indeed a delicious menu, worth every cent… Haha. We then proceeded to the mall, hit some pins and battled against the Wrath of the Titans.

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