Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avengers in Mt. Pulag

Uhmm... as of this writing, I have yet to watch the movie The Avengers. But I know a group of brave souls who like some super heroes, made another triumph against a shadow of a tragic past.

Wounds healed. Spirits revitalized. Gears slightly improved. Funds well financed. Target marked. All set to change our fate and to finally accomplish the once elusive mission.

We may not have extra supernatural strength and powers, but we love to challenge ourselves, defying gravity, trying new things.

not in photo: Inch, Kuya Boy

I may have mentioned in the past how easy the trail of Mt Pulag was, based on experience from our last climb. Doing the same thing would be a little boring. So we decided to attempt a night trek. Actually, it was a blessing in disguise. We were scheduled to leave the metro by 1am, but all Victory buses were fully booked until 4am.So goodbye to the three wasted hours in the terminal.

April 25, 2012

We arrived at the ranger station a little before 6pm. We could’ve stayed there overnight, but majority chose the night trek. Just the right way to experience Mt. Pulag the second time around. We once trek the mountain under the rain, now we hiked it in the dark. Good thing, we were blessed with a perfectly cold weather.

With a little source of light, night trekking can be very tiring. We maximized the calculated three-hour hike time from the ranger station to the base camp. An hour from the station to camp 1, and another two hour from camp 1 to camp 2. 

I was delighted upon reaching the spring water area. Oh how I missed its cold, delicious taste that’ll definitely freshen your exhausted spirits. Not only that, it's my cue that we’re close to the base camp.

It was such a relief to see the base camp once again. No rain, no fog... just darkness with a dim light from our flashlights and a little help from the stars above us. I was teary eyed. It was indeed a perfect evening. 

Our tents were ready when we reach the camp. Talk about convenience. Thanks to our efficient porters. It was around 9pm when we arrived and the chilly temperature begun to slowly paralyze us. But we still managed to prepare our instant dinner.

The Heavens overwhelmed me with His amazing grace the entire evening. Before zipping the tent and succumbing to slumber, I had a ten-second stargazing moment. It was just so beautiful to resist and it too cold to stay a little longer. Haha.

Mt. Pulag is considered a sacred place, so bonfire isn’t allowed. Too bad, it could’ve been a super perfect camping experience.

***Mt. Pulag: Mission Accomplished***

After successfully finishing the unfinished business with the summit, we hit back the base camp and leisurely enjoyed the camping grounds. After all, we were the only guests. Haha.

row row row your boat...
what's for breakfast?!

Before the sun totally heat up its temperature, we started packing our things up and break our camp. 915am, we commenced our descent to the ranger station, carrying a lighter luggage, brighter hearts and wider smiles.

It took us just an hour trek to reach camp one and another hour to the ranger station.  

tired but satisfied!

It was indeed another perfect climb.

with photos from Inch Datuin, Rodje Rodriguez

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