Monday, January 30, 2012

sweet revenge: Pico de Loro

Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord

But I think the Heavens won’t mind if I overstate my title opposing His words. It thought it’s my only way to express a triumph from once a thrashing quest.

Last year, the unforgivable hike to Mt. Pico de Loro taught me a lesson about the climb… This year, the famous beaked-mountain of Cavite gallantly rewarded me the much coveted prize…with a bonus!

Still dealing a hangover from Batad, J and I geared up for our first official mountain climbing date. Haha. Most of the time he tend to decline my invitation for a climb, but perhaps his Batad experience made him decide to defy the mountains.

The first climb of the year for the Call of Nature, yet only three of us from the first Pico climb were seriously up for the challenge. Me, mommy Earl and my adopted brother, Inch. New recruits were J and Paulo, (Inch’s friend.)

What made this more challenging for us was that it was an overnight climb. J and Paulo purposely decided to join because of the overnight thing. At dahil overnight, we need to bring more equipment than the usual day hike – tent, sleeping bags, food and cooking sets… Mas nakakapagod umakyat ng maraming bitbit...

I can still vividly remember how hard and tricky the way to Pico – but we decided not to hire a guide. Armed with our powerful instincts, the ever reliable ribbons along the way and the escort of His hands, we knew we can make it.

We were blessed with a perfect weather every climber could ever wish for – the complete opposite of our last year’s hike.

 Jollibee Delivery's Mission: To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.. Everywhere!! haha - Inch

After 30 minutes, we reached camp 1. They were kidding to just pitch the tent in camp 1 and continue the trek the next day – pagod na kasi. We stayed for more than ten minutes and resumed our hike. We were targeting to reach the summit in the next two hours – assuming the fine weather will continue to favor us.

I have telling J that we need to pass through a lot of batis (creek) on our way to Pico. Well, during our last climb last September, we had at least four or five batis to freshen up and cool down our wounded and heavy spirits. But now, we saw nothing but rocks and twigs. They’re all dried up.  

Somewhere in the middle of the trek, it drizzled and it rained. I seriously panicked. History cannot repeat itself, I mean, not this time. Not in Pico. Haha. Moreover, we are God’s favorite children so He then stopped the rain … and overwhelmed us of His grace.

On the last stretch of the climb, J saw a loose bundle of woods. He picked it up and started to collect more woods along the way for our bonfire. Dagdag bitbit whew!  It was then when he started to ask ‘are we there yet?Haha.. 

We were victorious to reach the camping grounds – after two and half hours. Lo and behold!

There were other campers in the ground. According to them, it took them five hours to reach the area. Haha. Well, most of them were first timers, so it’s very understandable.

After taking few shots, we started to pitch our tents before it gets dark. The camping grounds were almost cleaned up as according to DENR officers, there were around 300 climbers in Pico that previous weekend. I can’t imagine the crowd. Parang may piyesta daw sa taas. Traces of garbage were still visible. Tsk tsk.

Just before the sun rest for the night, we hurriedly climbed the summit. Well, hurriedly in a sense that we didn't retire ourselves and took the chance to witness the sunset in the summit right after our tents were put in place. But you cannot trudge up the summit as quick as you can because the trail is far more dangerous. It’s as steep as the walkways to Tappiya falls in Batad, or even worse than that.


Climbing the summit of Mt Pico de Loro is a little death defying. But upon seeing the famous Parrots Beak that once rejected us – it was all worth it. I have always dreamed of climbing the beak, but by the looks of it, I must admit, I chickened out. Haha. Nakakatakot. Besides, it was getting dark, it will be very risky. So we just enjoyed the rest of the sun set moments in the summit, while getting pleasure of being slapped by strong winds.

I am a sucker of sun rise and sun sets. Not just because it’s one of the easiest yet most beautiful photographed subjects, but because it always reminds me of a message that there is a time for everything. A time to rise...and a time to rest.

Trekking down from the summit is more challenging than the other way around, worst if you’re doing it without sunlight. Even with our headlights on, the trail is just complicated. Mapapa-one-wrong-move-and-you’ll-be-dead ka talaga. Haha.

Back to our tent, we started to prepare our dinner and the anticipated bonfire. As J would put it, what’s a camping without a bonfire.

  So what’s for dinner: adobong manok, binagoongang baboy, itlog na maalat, sardinas

 …and what’s bonfire without marshmallows… Haha!

It was indeed a fantastic night camping experience. We surrendered to our tents at around eight in the evening. Unlike my Pulag experience, where I had the longest night of my life, I succumb to a deep and uninterrupted sleep in Pico – an illustration of a victorious pursuit and a very sweet revenge! Haha.


Rise and shine!

We woke up at around five in the morning. We planned to trek back to the summit but we will be running out of time as we needed to head back down because mommy Earl has to go to work. Instead, we just savor the morning, had some coffee and prepared our scrumptious breakfast.

What’s for breakfast: noodles, bread, corned beef, tuna, luncheon meat, strawberry jam, srambled egg, rice and leftover food from dinner…

We realized our baon was actually good for two nights, pinilit na lang naming ubusin para mabawasan ang bitbit pababa.

And before we head back to the trail, we went camwhoring in the camping grounds, showcasing again, the wonderful view of the summit.

shao-shao kid!

to pooh or not to pooh! lol*

i believe, i can fly

first climb of 2012!

 flashback 2011!

We left the camping grounds at 825 in the morning. We took time trekking back as a reward to ourselves from a successful climb. Haha. We reached the DENR office at 11am.

Except the last two, all unmarked photos by Inch Datuin!

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  1. i love the 7th photo... grabe! overnight without a guide.. pero rewarding naman ang view noh! galing...:)