Monday, January 30, 2012

How far can a thousand go in 168?

Straight from a successful overnight climb to Mt. Pico de Loro, J suggested that we go to Divisoria to buy a jungle bolo, for future climbs and more mountain escapades. (may ganun agad?!)

Thanks to the very fine and cooperative weather and some pain relievers, we felt normal after the climb, amid the heavy backpacks and strenous trek. So when he suggested that we go to 168 mall, I answered him with a big ‘tara!’ Haha.

We got off the bus in P. Faura, together with mommy Earl who then took the jeep to Sta. Ana, while we waited for a jeep going to Quiapo. You cannot expect us to carry those big bags while battling shoppers in 168, so we decided to leave it in the baggage counter of Isetann mall, before taking another ride to Divi.

J and I normally go to 168 to buy pasalubong when going home to the province. It was very unlikely for him to invite me to 168 when we’re scheduled to go home, sa May pa! Well, it seems like, after one mountain, this very early, he’s showing symptoms of addiction to mountain climbing.

But 168 is 168. When you decide to buy a jungle bolo, make sure you bring money enough just for a jungle bolo otherwise, you’ll end up spending more than what you expected.

So we had a thousand in hand… and... here's what we got!

I’m going home next month, so I bought some of this for pasalubong for kids. (all for 50pesos)

J doesn’t have one, so… But little did we realize that this umbrella has some magic in it. Haha. See the difference when it gets wet? Amazed by it's special detail, I gave J my months old umbrella, and this one’s mine. Haha. (200pesos)

We agreed to buy two, strictly for camping purposes only. (50 each=100 pesos)

We were able to spend 350 first before we get to buy the main item for this side trip. Tsk tsk. Original price was 250, we got it for 200 pesos.

Rechargeable headlights. Told you he’s serious for more overnight climbs. (130 pesos)

Roaming around 168 can be very tiring. So we had one slice each of Greenwhich pizza and shared one glass of coke all for 51 pesos.. (no photo).

I once saw this for sale at Toby’s sports for 300 pesos, I think. I was planning to buy one, but never had a chance yet, until I saw it again in 168 haha.. (90 pesos) 

I was already nagging about our expenses - when our initial plan was to buy for one item only… Haha. So we were on our way out…  when we passed this ordinary stall, filled with cute stuffed toys and cartoon character designed bags and all. We’re running out of budget and we had no plans buying another item. Besides, we were assuming na walang tindang ganun si ate, pero sinubukan pa rin naming magtanong, and we were stunned when the sales lady showed us what we were looking for. We bargained hard because we had few bucks left. Mahirap kasi hanapin ang character na ito, at madalas mahal sya kaya din na namin pinakawalan. Haha.

Happy birthday to our little backpacker/climber, Russel.

Overall, we spent a thousand and 21 pesos in a quick afternoon in 168, doubled our expenses from our well-budgeted Pico climb. Haha.


  1. thanks for the special mention of my little one... btw, russel loved it, ginamit na agad sa school kanina... hehe... thank you! - mami earl & russel

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