Sunday, October 14, 2012

Luang Prabang: Sengphet Guesthouse

I didn’t actually stay in Sengphet Guesthouse during my visit in Luang Prabang. It was my three new found friends from Indonesia who did. Sengphet Guesthouse is next to Xayana Guesthouse where I stayed for a night.

So why am I giving them space here? Well, this is my way of saying thank you to them, for welcoming me into their beautiful guesthouse.

After meeting the three, Anis, Wina and Egi invited me to their room in Sengphet Guesthouse. They had a three bed room accommodation for 150,000kip per night.

They told me I can stay with them for the night, only I have to sleep in their huge bathroom. Hmp.

What I enjoyed most in this guesthouse are the freebies along with the price tag. They have free flowing cold water and coffee and different types of tea. They also have free banana every day.

Though I get complimentary bottled water from Xayana Guesthouse, drinking a cold one is much better in Sengphet Guesthouse. Haha.

The next day, after missing the alms giving ceremony, I had breakfast and coffee at Sengphet Guesthouse with my Indonesian friends. I wanted to use my 3-in-1 coffee, but since they offer free coffee, I also tried theirs. Haha.

Wasn’t able to taste the banana though, I think it was too much of me, taking advantage of the guesthouse’s generosity.

They also have free stable wifi, which of course, I was able to try myself as well. Xayana Guesthouse has wifi also, though it cannot reach the four corners of our room.

I really did enjoy my stay in Sengphet Guesthouse. I mean, it felt like I stayed there, after all the freebies I get to experience. And the receptionist/owners, they’re an epitome of a true Lao, very nice and accommodating. They might have noticed me as a visitor yet they didn’t show any unpleasant treatment to me.

memories in Luang Prabang

Compare to Xayana Guesthouse whose lobby is very open to sunlight, Sengphet Guesthouse is more homey and relaxing because it’s covered with plants and flowers… and they have these two cute, noisy kittens. Haha.

Sabai dee!

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