Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Curacha, only in Zamboanga!

It was a looong, annoying rainy day… and there was only one way to pacify my little incensed mood – food.

I wasn’t really decisive about splurging my just released payout to one expensive meal. But I convinced myself to think about my aborted Basilan trip (di pa rin makapag let go!) and the not so traumatic incident earlier that day. Really, I was just trying to make an excuse to think that I’ve been through a lot of emotional stress – and I needed to reward myself. Haha.

Enough said, I headed to Alavar’s Restaurant – where you can find the famous and expensive Zamboanga-only recipe – it’s called Curacha.

They have two branches. I chose the main branch near to Atilano Pension House… the other one is in Paseo del Mar.

Pikit mata sa presyo ng curacha. Haha.

As you can notice in their menu, it started with medium size… it came natural to me to ask if they have smaller ones – ako lang naman kasi mag isa ang kakain - and it was indeed my lucky day.  

Just a little reminder, do not go to Alavar’s restaurant and order curacha – if and when – you are an inch away to becoming a monster due to an empty stomach. Most likely your order would take close to 30-minutes and crabs are not much an ideal meal in the verge of starvation. That was my mistake. It was too late when I came to my proper senses – kasi naman gutom na gutom nako. Haha.

Honestly, I didn’t find anything exemplary with curacha. It’s the Alavar sauce who did the magic, but not the crab itself – the crab tastes like a normal crab to me (malaman lang sya, which is just right, for its price). If you’re on a very tight budget, and want to taste something from this restaurant, you can try other meals, cheaper meals with Alavar sauce in it – and just imagine eating it with a crab. Haha.

Good thing, I had Zamboanga white juice to appease my thirst. It tastes delectably amazing.

Curacha is best when you’re not really hungry and you have friends around –  at least you won’t get bored digging for crab meats alone. Haha.

Overall, it was an experience – an unforgettable experience to wrap up my two-day solo trip to Zamboanga City. The next day, I headed a little north to Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte (six hour drive from the city) to attend my cousins wedding.

Adios mabalos, Zamboanga!

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