Monday, March 5, 2012

Leap day in Munting Buhangin

It’s a day that comes in every four years, and to make it more remarkable this year, our team went to one of the beach havens in Luzon to celebrate our pre-summer outing.
Apparently, it’s the first time that we didn’t have extra team fund to support our expenses, so we had to squeeze our budget. We chose the laidback Munting Buhangin ng Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s one of the cheapest beach resorts in town, so we all agreed to it.
Since we had no enough resources, we opted to commute to Batangas. We took the BSC bus in Pasay Rotunda (at the back Chowking and Sogo). Fare is 155. Travel time is 3-4 hrs.
Upon reaching the bus terminal in Nasugbu, we had our last minute shopping then off we go for another trike ride to the resort. Fare: 200 pesos per trike (3 persons per trike.) We tried to hire a jeep instead of a tricycle but it’s more expensive.
It’s quite a downhill ride going to the resort (and an uphill one going back to the town…) and just before the sun set, we arrived in the resort. Entrance fee for a day tour cost 180pesos (6am-6pm)...while overnight charges 330 with free breakfast.

Had to pass more than 100 steps to get to the beach grounds.

We own the beach for a night as we were the only guests. We picked their gazebo for 1,100/overnight. It’s like an open tent with table and benches around it. We paid for one, the receptionist told us we can use two… but we actually occupied three. Haha.

the gazebo: it's the nearest to the beach

Others hit the beach like crazy as soon as they touch the sand, some took their cameras for a snapshots, I rewarded myself for a super late lunch. Haha. 

and here's my dessert...

I’m a self confessed no beach bummer. Swimming is one of the most exciting things on earth that least interests me. I love beaches, but I never like swimming (bitter lang kasi di marunong lumangoy haha). Good thing, this outing isn’t just about that. We had activities (first time!), this is supposed to be a team building, after all… so… we had bato-bato pick to divide the group…
First game: Sand cover
Team: No Namer (mga walang maisip na team name!)

Team: Boy over Flowers
Gulli, panay ang tingin sa kalaban.. hahaha!
Second game: Sand Name
Team: No namer
Team: Boy over Flowers
Third game: 2-man-tug-of-war 

who do you think won this round? here

Fourth game: Cat and Mouse cum Hide and Seek
No namer vs Boy over Flowers
 huli ka, Lando!

Boy over Flowers  vs  No namer
 bulaga JV...hindi nahuli si Gulli... tsk tsk..
and the winner is… yet to be announced. Haha. 

After games, we started to prepare for dinner. If you hate to cook rice the uling-way, you can do it the easy-way by bringing your ever reliable rice cooker, maraming masa saksakan sa beach.

A night won’t be complete without some revealing stories and drinking session (at least for them)... and the best place to do that – a few inches away from the beach while enjoying the delights of the chilly and brackish air.  

 up until 4am

Wonder how we ended the night in an open gazebo tent?

 guess who?!

... and the best part of it all…

mornings by the beach...!

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