Sunday, December 18, 2011

Budgeting Mt.Pulag

Nov. 20-22
Ambangeg-Ambangeg Trail
Budget: 2,500.00
Number of participants: 13

Day 1
2200Assembly @ Victory Liner, Pasay
2300ETD Baguio5,980 460
Day 2
520ETA Baguio
545Meet and greet with Kuya Klint (09391608252)
Boarding jeepney to DENR Office for Registration (4hrs)8,500.00/rent/2days654
700Stopover for breakfast @ Pinkan Jo Eatery126096
Takeaway lunch94572
Sidetrip: Ambuklao Dam
900ETA DENR Office
Registration fee: 200/pax (we paid for 12 climbers only. Discounted!)2400185
Last minute grocery (bread, noodles, canned goods)50038
1100ETD DENR Office to Ranger station (usually takes an hour  but we got stuck in the road for another hour, so make it two…)
1300ETA Ranger Station
Lunch and preparation for the trek
Guide rate: 100 per climber (plus 200 tip)1500115
Porter rate: 500 two-way (plus 200 tip)70054
1400Warm up, Prayer
1415Star of trek to Camp 1
1515Arrival : Camp 1
1530Resume trek to Camp 2
1700ETA Camp 2
1830Lights out
Day 3
 0400Wake up call 
 Decision making haha
0600 Breakfast, break camp, preparation for descent
0700 Start descent to ranger station
900ETA Ranger station
Board monster jeep to Mam Gina’s residence
 1000ETA Mam Gina’s residence (0919.816.9234)*
 Brunch (Unlimited rice and pinikpikang manok) + Wash up, bath and restroom use +  Tip for the nice accommodation780 + 130 + 90 = 1000 77
 1230Resume journey, ETD to DENR (you need to log out)
1700 ETA Baguio 
 Sidetrip: Mines View Park, Good Shepherd, The Mansion House, Wright Park, Burnham Park, SM Baguio500 (additional rent for the monster jeep) 38
1900Dinner @ Chowking, Session road1690130
2030ETD Victory Liner, Baguio5915455
230ETA Ortigas
Miscellaneous (Butane gas and cook set, ID and Certificate, snacks for driver, etc) 1610124

budget exclusive of pasalubong
prices may vary


  1. wow! tamang-tama ito for our plan to climb Mt. Pulag next month... thank you for sharing... Happy Holidays... :)

  2. haha...glad to help...sobra pa nga yan sa estimated budget namin eh... goodluck sa pag akyat..enjoy Mount Pulag! happy holidays..

  3. Thanks for the budgeting, this will help our climb to Mt. Pulag this coming May!

    Anyways, if I may ask did you rent for tent and for your cook set? If it is, may I ask where? Meron ba dun mismo bago umakyat sa Mt. Pulag? Thanks! =)